New Season West Country Wild Venison Biltong

We’re very happy to have British Wild Venison Biltong in stock again after a later-than-usual start to the West Country Wild Venison season (thanks for your patience!).

We grew up eating some fantastic game biltong in South Africa but West Country wild venison is up there with its complex, rich, earthy flavour. We particularly like Sika deer but also stock red, roe and fallow varieties which all have their own flavour profiles.

The deep savoury flavour of venison is all the more remarkable considering how lean the meat is. We add just a touch of juniper and pepper to lift the flavour of the venison. Plus, not only is it low in fat but also high in protein, iron and B vitamins, which surely makes it a superfood of some kind 🤔

Certainly one for true meat lovers! 

It’s no wonder then that in 2017 our Wild Venison biltong scooped a Great Taste award and was shortlisted in the best charcuterie section of the Great British Food Awards😊

Here is what Tim Atkin – British Master of Wine and one of the Three Wine Men – thinks of our Wild Venison Biltong:

   “Delicious, flavoursome West Country venison, with a hint of coriander and pepper. Lovely texture”

Like all of our biltong, we offer Wild Venison either whole or sliced. Available now – but probably not for long – from our web shop and Woza stockists.